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Great teacher

Thank you, Elizabeth, for teaching me AIME. I qualified for AIME for the first time this year and your lectures are very helpful. Can you host an extra class so that I can learn how to solve all the problems?

Michael, Student
Fantastic Teaching

Oh, my Gosh. David’s teaching is fantastic, exceptional, and professional!

Dr. Nana, Student’s Parent

Elizabeth is very detailed and very dedicated to her teaching. A big thumbs-up for her kind heart to fundraise for the frontline workers to fight COVID-19!.

Lilian, Student
Passionate Teacher

David’s lectures are passionate, lively, and interesting. His explanation is clear and his ability to convey concepts is very effective. David is much better than my own school teacher.

Omoyeni, Carl, Sean, and Matthew, Student
Big Thumbs-up

A big thumbs-up for Elizabeth’s classes for raising money for hospitals! She’s a wonderful young teacher!

Alina, Student
Great Class

Great classes! I hope you can continue to offer such classes in the future.

Max, Student
Great Class

I enjoyed Elizabeth’s class and learned a lot from her. Please include me in AIME or higherclasses taught by Elizabeth.

Samarth, Student
Great Teacher

Curtis is a great teacher. My daughter really enjoys his class and she is always focused during the two-hour lectures. She said Curtis’s teaching is as good as a college professor's and his lecturing style is creative, effective, and lively. Thank you for raising such an excellent child!

Cindy’s Mom
Great Teacher

"Thanks Ethan for teaching kids Python programming lessons. He has a good lesson plan and taught really well. His homework assignments are really interesting and my son liked it very much. Yesterday my son said that he cannot wait to go to his next class!"

"Thanks for Ethan and Hilal's hard work and selfless dedication. Our kids not only learned Python programming knowledge, they also set up an example for contributing to the community."

"Happy Friday evening! Andrew has been really enjoying all the Python lessons this summer. We would like to extend our appreciation to Ethan’s hard work and excellent teaching, as well as your week by week ongoing support"

Student's Parents